General guidelines:

  1. Each participant must PRINT OUT a physical copy of the poster and bring it to the conference.
  2. All poster files should also be submitted via Google Form no later than October 20th, 2023. Naming convention – Please save all files with the following format: poster_last name of the first author_offline/online

​​Set-up date

The poster boards will be ready on the morning of 27 October 2023 when registration starts.  Mounting materials will be provided.

Take-down date

The poster should be removed after the last poster session on 28 October 2023.  Any posters that are not removed will be discarded. 

Poster Recommendations 

Poster presentations should clearly illustrate the core concepts of your research. Below are some tips for developing an effective poster if you have not already created it:

  1. Please use the same title that was submitted in your abstract.
  2. Include all poster contributors/authors. 
  3. State the objective(s) of your research.
  4. Describe your research succinctly: an overview of the study, key research questions, methodology, results, conclusions, and implications for practice and future research.
  5. Include innovations, unique components, as well as outcome data. 
  6. Include enough detail for viewers to understand how they can replicate your efforts. 
  7. Include graphics that support the research topic.

Technical Requirements 

  1. The Poster must be no longer than 1 page. 
  2. All Posters should be in A0 size format. 
  3. Each file must be submitted as PDF 
  4. The title should be in bold. Author affiliations and e-mail addresses should be included.
  5. Your poster should include:
    1. Title
    2. Authors
    3. Email addresses.
    4. Introduction
    5. Results and Discussion
    6. Conclusions
    7. Acknowledgments (if necessary)

Design Recommendations

  1. Create an easy-to-follow logical layout.
  2. Prominently identify your institution. 
  3. Include all poster contributors/authors. 
  4. Use pictures and graphics to illustrate and emphasize, and color to highlight important points and ideas as needed. 
  5. Use a mix of font sizes for the text—larger for titles and headings, medium for text, and italics for emphasis. 
  6. Less is better. Bigger is better. Don’t crowd your material. 
  7. Avoid printing words in all capital letters as they are difficult to read. 
  8. Recommended fonts: Georgia, Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Arial. Letters should be easy to read (e.g. avoid fancy or cursive fonts). 
  9. Avoid background images and watermarks that may detract from the readability of your poster. 

Schedule for Poster Gallery 

All posters will be on display in the Poster Gallery for registered Conference participants throughout the entire Conference. Offline conference participants will be able to give questions and vote on posters by stamping stickers (each participant has a maximum of 2 opportunities to vote). Online conference participants will be able to view posters through the ICBS website and vote for them through Google Forms (each participant has a maximum of 2 opportunities to vote). We encourage poster presenters to respond to questions and comments during the Conference period.