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Abstract Guide

Prospective authors for both oral and poster presentations are required to submit abstracts for preliminary selection. Abstracts should:

  1. Consist of a title; name of the author/s, their affiliation, and contact details; the abstract; and up to five keywords.
  2. Be formatted as follows:
    1. Title: Arial, 11 pt, bold, single spaced.
    2. Author name: Arial, 9 pt, single spaced, name of presenting author underlined. Please include the following: name of the author/s, name of institutional affiliation, and email address.
    3. Abstract text: Arial, 11 pt, single spaced, maximum of 250 words. The abstract should consist of a single paragraph with the background, aims, methods, and results.)
    4. Keywords: Arial, 11 pt, single spaced.
  3. Be saved in doc, docx, or rtf, and must be submitted digitally. Faxes or print outs will not be accepted.



ICBS 2017 encourages the submission of high quality oral and poster presentations. Abstract submission can be done in this link.

Papers submitted for oral presentation may not be accepted as oral presentations due to the limited number of available time slots and would be suggested as poster presentation.

For identification purpose, name the file of your abstract as follows:

Abstract for oral presentation: ICBS2017-O-number of chosen conference topic-Full_Name_of_Presenter
An example of an abstract for the topic of ecology and bioconservation in .doc format would be: ICBS2017-O-4-Kenny_McCormick.doc

Abstract for poster presentation: ICBS2017-P-number of chosen conference topic-Full_Name_of_Presenter
In this case, an example of an abstract for the topic of ecology and bioconservation in .doc format would be: ICBS2017-P-4-Kenny_McCormick.doc

Note: please refer to the Topics page to make sure of the topic in which you'll be presenting.


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