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We live in an era where information is the key point of our lives. We can spread, access, and gather information around the globe in real time. On the other hand, biodiversity also plays important role for human well being in this earth. It has been well known that the significance of biodiversity to human’s life is exceptional, from influencing local culture to economic development of a country.

Throughout history, human needs to have bound with its natural surrounding and the acts of human will leave foot prints on nature, which consequently affect the biodiversity. The lost of biodiversity have devastating impact to life on earth. There have been countless researches and evident suggest that biodiversity should be treated as humanity legacy and not as riches. Considering the importance of biodiversity, many researcher raise issue on widespread biodiversity loss and how underreported some ecologically importance areas is, which is in contrast of the ease of information transfer in this age.

The biennial ICBS has facilitated an international meeting on biodiversity since 2009. In this fifth conference, we continue the tradition of uniting the spirit of science with the endeavor of scientists. Providing avenues of communication between scientists, consequently, is the best means of strengthening biodiversity knowledge and promoting the ideal of environmental sustainability. Bridging together the scientific communities and enables exchanges of experience and knowledge, as well as using the lessons learnt here to inform public and policy maker, helping to encourage better and more sustainable conduct and way of life.

The 5th ICBS proudly presents its renowned venue where biologists collaborate and network with peers, learn from experts, explore the newest biological tools and technologies, and discover great career opportunities.


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